getting a secondhand riflescope

Over the years I have gotten a lot of rifle scopes I have tried just about every brand.It truly is  you get what you pay for.When buying new you know you're going to take care of it.When you buy something second hand you really have to be careful, this is where the warranty comes in place if you buy a second hand Tasco scope, swift scope, NcStar,scope, BSA scope,in my opinion you really buying bottom of the line don't even bother buying  second hand you'll only, get headaches trying to zero the scope in.

Of course you can go for the more expensive scopes like Trijicon,Leupold,Zeiss.these are top-of-the-line rifle scope companies, but you're going to be paying for it. These are the elite companies along with names like Swarovski they use a one-piece aircraft aluminum to mil out there scope housings.The scopes can take a beating and you know the person who's owned it prior paid some big bucks for it, so the odds are they took care of.

My personal favorite is Nikon rifle scopes I find these are the best bang for the buck no pun intended :-)
I have provided a link there if you'd like to read more on the Nikon .You can usually pick up a  Nikon Buckminster or a Monarch for about $250 Their flagship scope, The Monarch and its cousins offer 30mm tube variations and a 95% light transmission.  On the Buckmaster, Omega, Titanium, and SlugHunter scopes, you’ll get an amazing 92% light transmission and, finally, but not in performance, the ProStaff and Team Realtree scopes offer up to 90% light transmission.

You will not get  better glass for that kind of money.

Okay I know I an pushing Nikon.but actually when it comes to used rifle scopes you would probably be  wise to have a look at Burris rifle scope company. Burris rifle scope comes with its trademark Forever Warranty even if you are not the original owner.

that is big if you have a scope that starts to fog up or the coating on the lens starts to flake off you'll be happy you have a Burris.

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